As you reflect on my 3-STEP ROADMAP, I really want you to keep something in mind. 

And this is really important.

This is not about changing you.
This is about becoming your best self.

Let's get something clear:

You don't need to become a different person to find and keep great love.

You don't need to change who you are.

You don't need to sacrifice what you want from life.

You will never need to shift or let go of things that are important to you.

I know that's how it's felt up to this point. I get it. And you aren't alone.


But this isn't about becoming something you're not.

This is about becoming more than you've been up to this point.

It's recognition.

It's acceptance.

It's reinvention.

It's deciding right now to never again settle for anything less than what you want... because what you want, you deserve.

It's doing what you've never done so you can receive what you've never had:

Love without fear.

Honesty without judgment.

Loyalty without doubt.

Life without regret. 


It starts with releasing all the negativity and crap and false assumptions you've had up to this point.

It results in happiness,



a sense of fulfillment...

and an amazing partner in life and love.



It starts with seeing the issues and red flags at the start of your relationship, not at the end.

So, let's evaluate how this all looks and feels.

Change is difficult, but...

It can't be THAT hard to shift things, can it?

it just takes concentration, right. Some fast shifts in thinking and action, and life self-corrects, yes?

You make some changes, and just keep changing for the better.

Easy. Simple.

I get that, and I totally hear you. But if it were so simple, we wouldn't be talking.

The changes would already be put in place. You would be happy, feeling loved, and in a place of gratitude. 

And that highlights three of your biggest enemies:
Patterns, Comfort, and Familiarity.

These three are similar and related, and they stop you DEAD in your tracks as you try to shift things in your life.

They lie in wait to keep things the same for you and your life.

They hate change, and they fight you as you try to make changes.

They push back against you as you do things that might make your life better.

But they feel "right" and "comfortable."

But meanwhile, PATTERNS, COMFORT, AND FAMILIARITY keep you rooted in dysfunction, stuck in discontent, and wallowing in a nagging, relentless feeling of unhappiness.

They keep you lost in place.

They stop you from becoming your best you.

And they stop you from getting the love you want.

You know what I mean.

It's when you stay in the wrong relationship for weeks, months or years... when you KNOW in your head and heart that you're unhappy.

It's when you meet a great person. They are witty and nice and amazing... and you feel no chemistry.

It's when:'re attracted to that emotionally vacant person...

...they started out so nice to you, and then retreated...

...they make promises and break them...

...they don't make you a priority... make excuses for their shitty behavior...

...when you feel like you are doing EVERYTHING to make love work... feel like you keep doing everything wrong...


It doesn't have to be this way.