Let's Talk About Men

It's a sad state of affairs
As I wipe away my daughter’s tears,
Trying to explain how men have changed over the years.

Who cares? I care.

Let’s talk about men.

Just because I’m a man doesn’t mean I don’t talk or can’t talk or shouldn’t talk about men.
But what I see truly feels like it’s… the end.

Because the men of today
Are not the same as the men of yesterday.

Sure, in the near and distant days gone by
There were plenty of men who told their lies.
They bullshitted and faked their way into love and sex
Leaving all the women in their emotional wake vexed
Falsely believing they were hexed.

Not so different from today’s bros online
Who post their shirtless vacation pics of them swimming in the Rhine
As they dish out the same old tired lines.
Instead of declaring to one woman: “You are mine.”

Let’s talk about men.

Because men today seem to think it’s too tough
To get a woman’s attention. They think dating is rough
As they sit on their ass, talking gruff,
Stupidly believing that a swipe right is enough
To show a woman that she matters.

Like the 25-year-old, shabbily-dressed guy
Who cat-calls a woman as she catches his eye
on the street.
She was just walking by.
“I love you!” he lies.

That is not how you speak to a woman, little boy.

Or the 35-year-old man
Who takes his lady’s hand
And speaks his wedding vows with conviction on the sand
In front of friends and God and man…

And then ignores her.
Or burns her.
Or takes her for granted.
And she really can’t stand it.

So she leaves with her friends to go dance
Maybe just to be happy, maybe some innocent romance.
And he doesn’t mind, because he’s got someone else on the side, anyway.

Let’s talk about men.

Like the 55-year-old divorced male
Who’s running around chasing the tail
Of a 22-year-old young woman.
Look, love comes in all shapes and sizes
And ages—I’m not judging your wiseness.
But let’s get real about the whys and eliminate the lies.
He thinks she is so much better than his ex-wife.
He thinks he is experiencing “real life.”
And why?
He struts around thinking he’s the shit.
He believes he’s in love with her firm tits and the tight fit.
But is that the REAL reason?
Absolutely, positively… no.
He’s simply an older man who's found a naive young woman to control.

To these men, I need to ask you a question.
A simple one that I can’t neglect to mention.
Where is your honor? And where is your class?
Because I know it’s hard to walk the walk
With your head so far up your ass.

You aren’t a man of quality or value.
But you need to know what kind of man you are, so let me tell you:
You are a faker.
You are a taker.

You are an imitation man.
A boy in a man’s body, with no plan
who wouldn’t know what to do with a real woman.

Let’s talk about men.

When did it become acceptable for so many men
To spin up a woman’s love without honorable intent?

Who taught these guys that it’s okay to prey on a woman's self-esteem
Rob her of her dignity while squashing her dreams
Treating her however he deems,
Quoting love memes
While ripping her heart out by the seams?

They taught themselves.

Because it’s men like these who jump on dating sites
Looking for women who won’t put up any fights.
Taking their OWN egos to new heights
While filling a woman's head with maybes and mights,
And building “love" on a combination of insults, mixed messages, lies, negs and slights.

Let’s talk about men.

Men who claim a strong woman is intimidate-ing, when the truth is that he is intimidate-ed.
Men who gaslight and project false thoughts into an otherwise confident woman’s head.
Men who put no effort into love like their shoes were filled with lead.
Men who don’t call or plan or communicate, but instead
Wait for her to do it all.

Do these guys reflect all men? No. Absolutely they don’t.
But can you blame women for thinking that all men are the same when their hearts have been broke?
When a guy has slurped her in as if she were swill
And then spits her out once he's had his fill?

Let’s talk about men.

Good men… great men are out there, but they get lost in the noise.
As woman after woman with grace, intelligence and poise
Rejects a great man to be with these little boys.
Boys who play with these women like toys
Boys who rob these women of their joys… 
Causing these splendid, feminine beings to falsely believe they are somehow not worth something better.

Let’s change the discussion.
Let’s talk about women.

To the ladies who are with a man who doesn’t put in
This is your wake up call that will hopefully rise above the din.
Why are you settling for second best?
Why are you putting your value to the test?
Here are some things you need to remember lest
You'll never change things for you.

You are important.
You are valuable.
You are worthy… just as you are.

Do you have some things to fix
about you? Things that make you tick?
Of course. We all do.

But how does that equate to the state of how some of these men relate?
Putting love out there like bait,
Pretending to be great,
Pretending it was fate that brought you two together?

It’s time to stop this pattern.

This should be the moment we teach men a different way.
To be thoughtful and kind and loving every day.
Not just when they want to get laid on Valentine's or Christmas Day.

To the men who think that the way to a woman’s heart is through lies
That to get her to part her thighs is under the guise of deceit…
You will never fill your cup that way, Brother.
And I shouldn’t have to tell you. It should have been your father and your mother.

To the women who want to be loved more than life itself:
That starts from within. It starts with yourself.
With all your flaws, you are more than enough.
You just have to believe it first, through all your negative stuff.

Ladies: to find a great man, stop raising your hand for their attention,
And instead raise your voice and standards for ascension
into lasting love, honor, and loyalty. 

It’s time you get rid of all the jerks out there.
Does that excuse the behavior of these men who don’t care?
But when you value yourself, you'll reset your own expectations,
and instead act with a defined inclination
towards quality men without hesitation.

So ladies, stop accepting half-assed effort from male emotional slobs.
And instead demand that the man who has the privilege of loving you
Does his job.


©2017 Charles J. Orlando