The tools you need to stop settling for unhappy relationships are yours.

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 That's me with my Shih Tzu, Griffin. (She's a girl. Her name makes her tomboy sexy.)

Hello there! I'm Charles J. Orlando, relationship expert, bestselling author, and your personal coach to finding and maintaining a fantastic love life. Thank you for reading my books, following me on Facebook, and watching me on TV. 

After speaking with thousands of people, I know what you want from a relationship.

It's what we ALL want:

You want to be listened to, not merely heard.

You want to be emotionally connected to you partner, and respected as an equal.

You want the freedom to be strong and bold without it being perceived as a threat to your partner.

You want to be vulnerable, open, and honestand have it be safe to act that way.

You want to trust and be trusted.

You want to be desired.

You want to be valued.

You want to be loved for the person you are today, and who you will be tomorrow.


Reading these things, you might now be thinking that's it's impossible. That finding a partner that acts these ways is fantasy.

You might even be asking yourself: "Do people who love and value you like these even exist?"

YES! DAMN RIGHT they do. 


Great, healthy love is real. A happy, healthy, loving relationship can be yours.