Why the hell is it so hard to make love work?

It has you asking yourself the same questions over and over again.

  • Why do they lie to me?
  • Why did they cheat on me?
  • Why won't they commit?
  • Why don't they care enough to really connect with me?
  • Why do I always find the ones who won't be serious?
  • Am I just not worth it?

These are damaging questions that crush your self-esteem.

They make you think you are unworthy of love.

After all, what you want is so simple: 

You want them to love you. You want to love them. And you want to be happy.


Is that so much to ask?

Is too much to ask for them to just be honest with you? To be loyal? To say what they truly feel? To treat you with value? To invest in a life with you? TO CALL WHEN THEY SAY THEY WILL, DAMN IT!

You wouldn't think it's so much. 

But then it hits you. You've already tried to do so much already.


You've tried discussing things. 

You've backed off and let your partner think.

You've begged them to change.

You've put your heart and soul in.

You've bought books.

Your friends have given you advice.

Nothing has worked.

And here you are: Same situation; no solutions. 


And now you're convinced of one thing: All relationships are the same. 

Most of all, you're burnt out.

YOU'RE SICK and TIRED of people who pretend.

YOU'RE TOTALLY F-ING OVER all the people who start strong, and then back off.

YOU'RE DONE with people who want to use you.

YOU'RE FINISHED with untrustworthy, dishonest assholes.

If you've ever thought these things, you are not alone.