It's not that you aren't worthy of love.

It's that you don't know what to do to CHANGE YOUR PATTERN AND MAKE YOUR LOVE LIFE BETTER.


And when you don't know how to do something, you do what feels comfortable.

You repeat things because it's familiar. 

You get scared to taking chances or taking a risk.

But listen up. And I mean it, you need to hear this:

What you are experiencing is not your fault.

I'm going to repeat that: It's NOT your fault.


Some people get lucky. Others have to struggle.

Some people hit a homerun their first time at bat. Others have to swing and practice for hours.

Neither are better or more worthy than the other. 

But your frustration is real.

To want something so badly, to have it just out of reach.



But just because it's not your fault doesn't mean that it's not within your control to change.

It is within your power to shift things.

What if you could remove ALL your negative thoughts about love?

What if you took control of your relationship and could make things better... today?

What if you were given a roadmap of how to let go of your past?

What if you could start down a path free from all the behaviors and patterns blocking you?

It's not impossible. But first, I think I should share my journey with you. It's a story of trials, challenges, and ultimately a happy ending.

(And your story will be the same; I promise.)

If you haven't heard of me, my name is Charles J. Orlando. I'm a relationship expert, bestselling author of three books on interpersonal relations and relationship dynamics, and host of a national TV show about love and relationships. I have over 1.4 million readers and fans on Facebook, and my blog and articles drive over 2 million unique visitors every month to my website.




I've been tapped for my expertise by CNN, The View, Inside Edition, BBC, Network TEN, Fox News, and hundreds of radio shows and publications. My undercover investigations have been featured on the homepages of Yahoo! and, and have been optioned to become feature films and TV shows. 

But most importantly, I've helped thousands of women and men improve and reinvent their love lives. 

Women and men just like you.



And how have I done that? Do I have special training? What are my qualifications?

My expertise comes from 20+ years of working with people just like you.

(I might look young, but I'm 46.)

I've connected, interviewed, and worked with tens of thousands of people since I started down this path in the mid-1990s.

I've learned a lot about people, situations, how we all relate, how shifts in communication have altered the way we relate to each other, and how technology and social media have fundamentally changed courtship, marriage, dating, and relationships.

I've helped some people make their relationships awesome, and assisted others in seeing that their relationships were already over.

I connect every day with people who are trying to make sense of their love lives, and who are plagued with issues they can't shift or change.

I give people perspective on life and love.

And I spend 10-15 hours every day listening, reading, researching, and working directly with women and men around the world.


I'm an expert because I have four things behind me:

Unique Research

Real-world Experience

Unbiased Perspective

Knowledgeable Insight

(And I've made a lot of mistakes... just like all of us.)