Valuing yourself means...

...that you start making decisions and doing things that are valuable to you.

...that you take charge of your destiny.

...that you do things that promote your own growth.

...that you work through and release your past

...that you put what's important to you first.

...that you kill off the patterns that have been blocking you at every turn and you start doing something different.

If you keep doing what you're doing, you will get the same results. It's time for change.

It's YOUR time.

But change isn't easy.

Shifting your mindset isn't straightforward.

Undoing years of damaging patterns and behaviors isn't something that most people can do on their own.

Otherwise, you would have already done it.


You're still here, and you're still reading.

So I would venture that you're on an awesome path of self-improvement and discovery!

But you need a guide.

We all need one at different times in our lives.

Someone to help us see what we can't, because we are IN the situation.

Someone to call out what we are doing that's stopping us from getting what we want. 

Someone who will call it as it is, not now we wish it was.

Someone with the knowledge, research, and experience that can help make positive changes that STICK! 

A guide who can navigate tough waters. I've been there... in your shoes... and I've worked with others who have been in your situation.


And this is why I work with women and men around the world.

To help them see what they can't see.

To undo years of patterns that kill their chances for happiness.

To assist them in working through their troubled past relationships.

To stop their self-sabotaging behavior.

To help them create balance between what they feel and what they think.

To encourage them to do what they've never done.

To help them embrace a new way of thinking.

To drive them toward what they say they want in life and love.

To give them control of their own happiness.

(I can't tell you how rewarding it is for me to help others find their happiness.)



Charles — THANK YOU! I came out of a bad relationship (with two children) and working with you changed everything about my approach to love. It was never really *all* my fault that it ended, I just never knew that before. But I know what I did and how my bad patterns contributed. I’m now in a new relationship, and I’m happy! I know what I should expect and what I shouldn’t accept.
— Samantha B.

Give me 5 weeks and I will completely change your outlook on life and love.

You'll let go of your negative behaviors and completely shift your thinking... about yourself.

You'll accept things from your past that you wouldn't or couldn't face... and be okay with it.

You'll move on to a place of confidence and high-self-esteem... without changing who you are or what you want from life.


(And if you're dating, you'll be ready for that right person without looking for them to complete you...
because you will just WANT them to be with you... not NEED them to be with you.)