We're clearing the way for a better love life and a better YOU.

You Are Worthy removes your barriers and gets you to the life and love you want and deserve.


Release Your Past

You are the sum of your past experiences with family, friends, and romantic partners. Let's examine, accept, dispel and discard the challenges of your past, moving past hurt, shame, and disappointment.

Improve Your Self-Worth

Uncover why your self-esteem and self-worth are locking you down in the wrong relationships. Rediscover your potential and unlock the real you that's been hidden away.

Raise Your Confidence

Discover your inner power by finding it inside you. Learn how you are shying away from your best you, and stop apologizing for how amazing you are.

Kill Off Self-Doubt

Discover why you doubt yourself and learn the techniques of how to silence your inner negativity. Re-find your shine and move beyond your own doubts and drama.

Stop Caving In

Learn why you let go of what you really want and end up just doing what's expected. Change the pattern with time-tested techniques that allow you to assert yourself without making enemies.

Re-evaluate Unconditional Love

You'll take a hard look at what unconditional love means, and learn to find the balance between accepting others for who they are while setting healthy boundaries that ensure you are valued.

Listen With Acceptance

Discover the warning signs of always trying to be right. Learn the techniques that allow you to stand up for what you believe and feel without alienating those you love.

Let Go Of Control

Uncover the root causes of control, jealousy and insecurity, and channel them into behaviors that are instead positive and empowering. Release reaction and replace it with action.

No More Complacency

See the real-world causes and behaviors associated with indifference and learn how to counteract them. Stay engaged in your relationship long after the initial newness has warn off.

Re-ignite Your Passion

Unearth the dangers of ignoring what matters to you most. Learn how you can marry your passions with your responsibilities.


If you were to attempt to address all these issues with traditional therapy...

You would spend years on the couch...

Spend tens of thousands of dollars...

And still have to try and put it in practice without the benefit of access in between your appointments.


We'll do it in just 5 weeks.